Windows XP PROF SP3 RU VL Original

Windows XP PROF SP3 RU VL Original + SATA, LAN Drivers
Build for those who would like at your home laptop (computer) to install original version of Windows, and all necessary programs and drivers then download and install themselves. That's for such purposes and was established this assembly, whose main objectives are to any possibility of installing and configuring your laptop to connect to the Internet immediately after installation.
Assembling established on the basis of the original disk WZTiSO.

Year: 2008
Version: 5.1
Developer: MSoft
Platform: x86
Language:Russian Version? &? English? Version
Size: 612 Mb

MD5: 5D10D9D1C72A01C69A7FF29667C8A780
SHA1: 93B3CD2594A2E02A56D2516A2F8FA411035D962A

Description :
The disc is fully preserved structure of the original disk folders, thus remained operational all menu items auto disk in Windows.
Available any regime installed: MS DOS or Widows, new or updated.
In the case of downloads from that disk and the subsequent installation of Windows, a key input is not required - he picked automatically from the file winnt.sif. If the installation will be made from under Windows, then this case the root disk placed a text file with the keys. All the keys are checked and validated pass on the site Microsoft.
In the original distribution only integrated SATA and LAN driver from Bashrata. No other action, such as: cutoffs in order to save space, decorations, or what other tvikov other things with the original was carried out.

There is a choice of packages of drivers in the early phase of graphical installer.

Windows XP PROF SP3 RU VL Original + SATA, LAN Drivers

English Version

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