Windows XP Pro SP3-V-Seven Chucky 2009 Lite

OS | Windows XP Professional SP3-V-Seven Chucky 2009 Lite | 492.9 MB
Windows XP Professional SP3-like Windows 7 and sidebar.

It has Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Media Player 11 connector.
And it also has integrated all the updates from 2009 and important programs.

Full Pack FlashWave,
Framework 1 + SP1 + SP1 and Framework 2,

JAVA 6 + UP12,
Codec Pack Full Version Of Ful,
TuneUp Utilities 2009,
WinRar 3.80,

6 Topics in appearance,

And everything comes in fully unattended installation.
Fully unattended installation des it have to be zero. A Download Link you have a manual and if you install Windows XP des zero. This version is fully updated and improved and tested in many brands of PCs and laptops and also on several boards and processors based on Intel and AMD, and if not installed without a problem and I also checked all local network operation and also browsing the web all sites and so far everything works perfectly and for users who want to integrate the drivers for your computer before installing the ISO version here's a link to the manual how to integrate drivers in ISO.

Operating System Windows XP Professional SP3-V-Seven Chucky.


CPU: Intel (R) Pentium (R) 1200 GHz

Hard disk space: 10GB.


CPU: 1.5 GHz or more

RAM: 512 MB or more

Hard drive space: 20 GB or more.

These components are eliminated,


Internet gaming, Briefcase, Accessibility Options, ClipBook Viewer,

In Multimedia:

Sample Music,

Options on the operating system:

Asst. to Transfer Files and Settings, Search Assistant, Desktop Cleanup Wizard DR Watson Manual Install and Upgrade, Disk Cleanup, Tour, Saving Utility Dump,

In Network:

Synchronization Manager, Client for Netware Networks, Test Terminal Program Control, Tool-Cmd NetShell, MSN Explorer, Peer-to-Peer, Internet Information Services ( 'IIS'), TCP / IP version 6, Windows Messenger,

IN Services:
Uninterruptible Power Management, Alerter, QoS, Report Errors, Messenger, QoS RSVP, Remote Registry Service, Indexing.

In three reboots installing one if restarted after copying the driver and another after the Windows installation has completed and last after the property window of the screen when you choose the settings of your monitor applications and accepted if it restarted the last time and then if you start your desktop like the image above,
Then we found a notebook on your desk will help in two things.

The Sidebar that comes built into the original CD is not lite and if you want to install the original Windows vista here's the download link.

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